Did ARCADE 1 UP Come Good for me? - UNBELIEVABLE Experience From GAME.CO.UK - AVOID ! (2023)


GAME - SHOCKING! - UNBELIEVABLE! Customer Services - AVOID - Awful Company - Arcade 1 Up HELP?

My previous video that featured me unboxing the Arcade 1 Up stools showed the damage to the goods.

This video is a follow up and details the awful and shockingly bad customer service that GAME in the UK also known as GAME.co.uk are doing. The webchat featured in this video clearly shows the disgusting behaviour of this company. Really, you MUST avoid buying any products from GAME as they have become an awful business and please do listen to and act upon my warning. DO NOT USE this company as I do not want anyone else to go through an the experience I am currently STILL having to sort out.... Their business practices border on the criminal and I really cannot stress enough that you should not use this business at all !!!! Game and GAME.co.uk AVOID like the plague !

I have now reached out to Arcade 1 Up and see if their European customer support can assist me in any way? So there will be a follow up to this video outlining any resolve to the issues raised.

So that video is here now... The final in this ball ache of a saga which has shown shocking non customer support from Game.co.uk, which left me no option than go direct to the Arcade 1 Up company in the US who took my issue seriously and dealt with them professionally. Arcade 1 Up .... Has my faith been restored? All details in this video...

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Hey, it's me, o.g duffy, hopefully this is the last video to do with any of this stool bug, stall gate, whatever you want to call it those that watch your channel know I've been in dispute with game.

They refuse to give me my money back refund return.

The items did, uh, it's.

Just a long story.

Go check it out if you don't know, what's happening there, uh, I eventually what I did.

I contacted arcade one up the company themselves.

And I said about the the situation, uh, they were not very happy with game.

And this was their response in an email to me, uh.

And they said, leave it with us? We'll see what we can do so um, all in all they come through for me, but have they we're about to find out, uh, they sent me stall tops direct from america.

So we're gonna unbox them live together here and we're going to see if we can eventually put this arcade and one out basketball stuff behind us once and for all here's, hoping before we get into it.

Um, these have come from america.

So big up to one up arcade, really both boxes are still still I'm, not showing you one side of them.

So that's, my address label and there's.

The other one come all the way from america, I'm I'm, a bit like that let's see what we've got.

So as I say, I'm a bit, I don't know what to think I'm very dubious about the knees up, um.

But anyway, he goes.

He goes nothing so to speak, uh, taped up.

Take any time down the edge there.

Now, thanks for all your comments, guys, uh in relation to game.

And these bar stalls all right, let's, see what we got.

I can see straight away.

This is the pac-man one.


So let's pull him out right? Okay, oh I'm doing this with baited breath.

Let me get rid of that box.

Right? Okay? All right so far.

So good, all sealed.

It all seems intact, fingers crossed right here.

We go.

Let's, break, it it's, looking all right? The packaging looks.


Oh let's.

See if arcade one up have done what the game dot co dot.


Have failed to do.

So here we go that a little bit static on it right? Okay, I am pleased to report.

No, slash marks on the cover make our way around the edge.

There we go all complete.

So stall number one is looking good let's get on to the second one one down one to go right here we go as I say, these have come directly from america have been sent direct by arcade one up at least their customer service is, uh.

It seems to be a little bit better than the game dot code at uk.

Who I am still refusing to use.

I won't be sitting into another one of their stores trust me.

They are horrendous right? Let's get this one opened, um.

So I had a little bet with og and little g sent to me.

He said, he reckons that they're going to send me the wrong barstools, but they haven't so we're, looking good.

So far got rid of the box right? Okay on the face of things it's, looking.

Alright, sealed, let's.

Undo the packaging at the there.

We back.

Okay, let's get this one out he's been halfway around the world.

These things forget it blimey, I might even get to make the stalls up now you never know right? Okay.

He says, dubiously, um, fine, can't.

See any markings on that at all again, we will go around the edge.

There we go the street fighter characters, the arcade one up logo.

And that is all intact, happy days.

So well done mark everyone up.

You come through for me.

So there we have it all's well ends.

Well now I'll tell you what this has been an absolute ball like for me, honestly, um, all game had to do was just stick to the consumer right law, which they failed to do.

So please people do not buy anything from game dot, co dot.


They are horrendous, uh, just out of interest.

I was in mainstone this week.

And I walked down the high street and it's quite a big shopping town in kent.

And the arcade are the the game shop there is now closed as well.

I don't think things looking very good for them.

I did actually leave them a trust pilot review, which is there, uh, put it up on their site on the trust pilot site, they they print it.

And all I've got from a game on their response that was.

Thank you very much really appreciated.

The fact is look at the statistics there on the amount of bad reviews they're, getting nearly a quarter of their reviews or quarterly.

Reviews are actually the worst review.

You can get which is shocking for any company.

So don't, just take it from me it's, not just me that's telling you about these shoddy experiences, it's, trust pilot as well.

But anyway, arcade one up as a company I'll, be honest, you come through.

And I mean, you have to deal with this from america and get these over to me here in the uk.

So you know what can I say if you're going to buy arcade one up products in the uk? Do not buy them from game dot.


Seriously, there's other places that do these or I know, smith's toys.

I know, um, I don't know, even, uh, one of them shopping tv channels were selling them at one point.

And I know there are some game independent game companies out there that are selling them as well.

All right because someone's got to step into this market, because I can't see a game lasting much longer personally, but anyway, arcade one up.

What can I say the products were not good initially, um, but you've reinstalled my faith actually so, thank you very much.

Um, I've now got the stalls.

I've got the uh the.

So I've got two crappy botox with slash marks in what to do with them suggestions, let me know in the comments.

What should I do with the old ones anyway enough from me? Thank you for watching guys.

And for everyone who's commented on my experience with this and listened to it and everything else we got there in the end, a lot of effort, but we got there arcade one up.

Well, done dot, co dot.


Avoid awful crap.

I've been og duffy.

You guys have been awesome.

Thanks for watching.

We got there in the end.


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