The 10 Best Texting Apps for Receiving Verification Codes on Android (2024)

A working phone number is necessary if a website or app you're signing up for must confirm your identity through a text message. You don't need one of these apps if your phone can already receive messages. Still, they're indispensable if sharing your primary number is a privacy concern or if you have a tablet or other device that doesn't support texting.


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What We Like

  • Totally free.

  • Also works from a web browser.

  • Supports widgets for quick access to conversations.

  • Can turn on email alerts for new texts.

  • Secure the app with a password.

What We Don't Like

  • Could lose your number due to inactivity (you can pay to avoid that).

  • Some ads are large and in the way.

TextNow is one of the more popular texting apps, with over 100 million users. It offers two services: one replaces your existing mobile provider (you're given a SIM card), and the other is a second phone number for calls and texts. The second option is what you want because that's all you need to do to start receiving verification codes.

Your new phone number can be in your local area code, or pick a different one. Signing up is easy because you can use your existing Google or Facebook account.

The app lets you choose a wallpaper for conversations, turn on timestamps, set a passcode, export conversations, set a ringtone for each recipient, and add a shortcut to a conversation on the home screen. Since phone calls are supported, too, you can set your own voicemail if you wish to receive calls in addition to texts.

It's ad-supported, so there's a constant banner at the bottom and others throughout the app, but that also means it's free.

TextNow recommends making an outgoing call or text at least once every two days to keep your number active. They explicitly say that incoming calls/texts do not indicate an active account, so you can't rely on receiving verification codes to keep your number around.


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Google Voice

The 10 Best Texting Apps for Receiving Verification Codes on Android (2)

What We Like

  • Free, with zero ads.

  • You can set up email alerts for texts.

  • Warns you if your number is about to expire from inactivity.

  • Filters spam messages.

  • Also works from a computer.

What We Don't Like

  • Must have an existing real phone number.

  • Can be a little confusing to use.

  • Restricted to personal Google accounts in the US and Google Workspace accounts in select markets.

Google Voice is a great way to receive verification codes on Android. Google creates it and is an extension of your phone number. This means you need to have an existing number for this to work.

Once set up, verification codes can be delivered to the Voice app, much like your standard messaging app. Or, you can enable email alerts to deliver all your texts as emails.


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The 10 Best Texting Apps for Receiving Verification Codes on Android (3)

What We Like

  • Free with unlimited texting in the US and Canada.

  • Lets you change your number once for free.

  • Supports calling 911 in the US.

  • You can disable incoming calls.

What We Don't Like

  • Numbers expire after 30 days of inactivity.

  • Lots of ads and prompts to purchase items.

  • Can't delete specific messages from a conversation.

We like textPlus for a few reasons: You get unlimited calls and texts in the US and Canada, you can pick a US state to get your phone number from, and logging in is easy with your Google, Apple, Microsoft, or Yahoo account.

You get to pick the area code from the list of options, and then the phone number is chosen for you.

Every text thread can have its own background image, and you can send text, images, videos, voice, and GIFs.

Send a text or make a call at least once every week to avoid your number being claimed by someone else. You can also pay a few dollars to secure your number for a year.


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The 10 Best Texting Apps for Receiving Verification Codes on Android (4)

What We Like

  • Quick setup with your Google account.

  • Can auto-reply to texts.

  • Includes a 'mark all messages as read' option.

  • No need to buy anything just to receive texts.

What We Don't Like

  • Reclaims inactive numbers after 30 days.

  • Some ads are hard to exit.

Text Free has been around since 2009. Like most apps listed here, this one is free because it's ad-supported, so you'll see persistent banner ads and pop-up ads as you use the app.

We like this one because it's simple. Creating an account is easy (if you use the Google option), and you can quickly erase verification code messages by swiping to the left.

The 'mark all messages as read' is a unique feature most texting apps don't have. It's super helpful when you have a bunch of verification code texts you no longer need.

You can choose the area code and then pick from a list of numbers. Calling is supported, too, but you only get 60 minutes of free call time.


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TextMe Up

The 10 Best Texting Apps for Receiving Verification Codes on Android (5)

What We Like

  • Pick a US or Canadian number for free.

  • Sign up your email or Google account.

  • Widget access provides shortcuts to messages on your home screen.

  • Reminds you to use the number so you don't lose access.

What We Don't Like

  • Fullscreen ads and in-conversation ads.

  • Rocky signup process (your mileage may vary).

  • Some features appear free until you try to use them.

TextMe Up is another app that supports verification codes for Android. This one seems littered with more ads than the others on this list, which can be frustrating. Still, the app is smooth and does let you send and receive texts for free.

You can mute conversations, pin conversations to the top of the list, and buy another number if you want more than one (your first one is free). The settings let you change the app theme, create a signature, control notifications, disable calls, and create an app passcode.

There appears to be web access for reading texts from a computer, but it's only for premium subscribers.


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The 10 Best Texting Apps for Receiving Verification Codes on Android (6)

What We Like

  • Built-in spam protection.

  • Choose any available area code.

  • Password protect the app.

  • It's free for 7 days.

What We Don't Like

  • Must already have an existing phone number.

True to its name is the Burner Android app, which provides burner numbers (up to three) you can use for verification codes and regular texting/calling, plus it has spam blocking. It's free for a week, after which you'll be put on a monthly or yearly subscription (check Burner's current prices).

We include this app because it's designed well with a clean, distraction-free, and ad-free interface. It's also great that one subscription covers three numbers, so you can claim two different numbers if you'd rather not send all verification codes to one of your burner numbers.

In the settings are options to enable Do Not Disturb mode and an app password. This app also supports true burner numbers, meaning they automatically delete after 30 days. These, however, are limited to 100 messages.


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The 10 Best Texting Apps for Receiving Verification Codes on Android (7)

What We Like

  • Get up to three lines with one subscription.

  • Can integrate with Dropbox and Slack.

What We Don't Like

  • Short, 3-day trial.

  • Interface feels outdated.

  • Must open a message to mark it as read.

Hushed is a paid texting app, although you can use a free trial to test it out. Once you start paying, you can pick from local numbers in over 300 area codes across the US, Canada, and the UK.

One unique feature this app has that the others in this list don't is the option to integrate it with Slack or Dropbox to save your texts. Another is that you can set up specific number expiry notifications, anywhere from 1 hour before it expires up to 72 hours.

You get unlimited texts and calls. You can buy up to three lines at once to have three separate numbers to receive verification codes.


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The 10 Best Texting Apps for Receiving Verification Codes on Android (8)

What We Like

  • Supports texting from a computer web browser.

  • You can choose the area code for the number.

  • Really clean, ad-free interface.

  • It's free for 7 days to try it out.

What We Don't Like

  • Requires a paid subscription.

  • Must already have a working number.

  • Deleted messages sometimes reappear.

Sideline is another paid second number app for Android, so you pay to access a real phone number instead of seeing many ads like most apps.

This app supports texting and calling, so you can turn on VoIP calling and manage voicemail settings. The settings also let you auto-reply to texts, change the text tone, and mark all messages as read with just one tap.

A subscription is paid monthly, or you can buy your number for a whole year at a decent discount. There's a 7-day free trial before payment kicks in, so check out how much Sideline costs.


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The 10 Best Texting Apps for Receiving Verification Codes on Android (9)

What We Like

  • Fast signup with Google or Facebook.

  • Manage multiple numbers at once.

  • Look up a number to see information about the owner.

What We Don't Like

  • Only the 3-day trial is free.

  • Can't archive messages, only delete.

Phoner supports calling and texting with phone numbers from over 20 countries. It's clear before you pick a number which ones support SMS so you can be sure that it'll work for verification codes.

You'll love the built-in number lookup function if you use Phoner for more than just verification codes. It can show the owner's home address, carrier information, email, relatives, and social media profiles.


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The 10 Best Texting Apps for Receiving Verification Codes on Android (10)

What We Like

  • Lots of settings you can customize.

  • Your email address isn't required.

  • Can pay for credits if you don't want to earn free ones.

What We Don't Like

  • Texts work only if you have credits, which you can earn for free or buy.

  • Must have another working phone number to sign up.

  • Cluttered with ads.

Like most other apps, Dingtone gives you a real phone number based on the US city or area code you pick. However, unlike the above apps, this one works by having you earn free credits before you can send and receive texts.

Free credits can be earned by watching video ads and completing offers. When you first sign up, you'll get a handful of credits, but they will automatically expire unless you use them quickly enough.

Here's the kicker—it costs 750 credits to get a phone number, so you'll need to watch several ads and complete as many offers as possible to earn those credits. Only then can you access your number to receive verification codes.

Dingtone lets you edit many settings, like adding a password to the app, changing the chat background, adding a message signature, setting up voicemail, and call forwarding. There's also a section for usage stats to easily monitor how many texts you've sent and received.

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The 10 Best Texting Apps for Receiving Verification Codes on Android (2024)
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