Andria Bird's WEB120 Portal Page

Audience Issues and Approach

Client's name, my relationship to client and final decision maker: Carri Kaplan, my physical therapist and the final decision maker for the site
Client's business (website) name: Bend 2 Mend
Redesign or brand new website: This is a redesign of
Type of website: Identity, Informational, Marketing
Client's goal(s): Information awareness, updated look and feel, highlight special treatments offered, create "Blog" page, post technique videos
(3) Audiences Issues, Concerns & Needs Approach
Audience Group 1 New Patients
  1. Need to know if Bend 2 Mend takes patient insurance
  2. Want a bio of Carri's credentials and background including a photo
  3. Would like to know all therapies offered
  4. Want to see customer testimonials
  5. Would like to know what to wear for therapy
New Patients
  1. Create "Patient Services" with link to insurance providers
  2. Offer extensive bio with all credentials, number of years in the business
  3. Create "Therapies" page that lists all therapies offered with detailed descriptions of each
  4. "Therapies" page will have a few customer testimonials that will create a positive user experience
  5. Will offer the answer to this question on the "FAQ" page
Audience Group 2 Existing Patients
  1. Want to view blog to keep up to date with videos and therapy techniques
  2. Would like to know if Bend 2 Mend will travel to their home for therapy
  3. Need video footage for specific therapy and stretching techniques per idividual patient needs
  4. Want an easy way to contact Bend 2 Mend with a simple click from website
Existing Patients
  1. Offer Blog page that has up to date news and info on therapies and techniques
  2. In "Patient Services" and "FAQ" pages, list whether or not Carri will travel to patient's home
  3. Have patient take live video of instructional technique per individual therapy needs
  4. Make phone number on contact page to be a live link that calls Bend 2 Mend
Audience Group 3 Healthcare Providers
  1. Need to know if Bend 2 Mend works with the patient's healthcare provider
  2. Want to know where to send patient referral info
  3. Would like info on when co-pay is due for patient
  4. Would like to inquire about therapies offered
  5. Want to be able to view and access the site on a variety of devices that may use older browser agents
Healthcare Providers
  1. Offer an "Insurance" page that lists healthcare providers my client works with
  2. Create a "Contact" form that lists field for patient referral info
  3. From "Patient Services" sub-nav, there will be an option to see FAQ
  4. Create a "Therapies" section that clearly outlines all therapies my client offers with examples and images
  5. Make the site responsive by authoring media queries and vendor prefixes